Stick Pick

image There are times when choosing just one student at a time to talk and/or answer a question is appropriate. A novel way to pick students is by using the app Stick Pick. Stick Pick allows you to create class sets of student names, which then appear on individual icy pole sticks. When you want students to answer questions or present their work you can use Stick Pick to randomly pick student names. Once the app has chosen a name you can decide whether you want to place the stick back into the “can” to be drawn again or mark as used so the student will not be called on again until all names have been picked. If you project the app on a digital screen, you are guaranteed to have student’s full attention, as they don’t know who is going to be picked and the quite like seeing there name being selected. The other advantage is you don’t inadvertently call upon the same students time and time again.

Another feature of the app is that it contains over 140 question stems. The question stems are based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. The app allows for you to differentiate the question stems for each student based on their needs and ability levels. It was definitely worth the price of $2.99.


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