imovie I am aware everyone has probably heard about the app iMovie and how it can be incorporated into the languages classroom.  However, when reviewing apps it would be remiss if I did not include this.  There are so many potential uses and it really is limited by your and your student’s imagination.

My students have created iMovies in the form of role plays.  That is, instead of students simply performing a role play in front of a class, in groups, students film themselves or use other apps to create avatars and then create a movie.  As part of our year 7 curriculum, students visit the Royal Melbourne Zoo where they explore the South East Asia enclosures.  Students are required to report about their day, and many students decided to take videos using their ipads to create and an iMovie.  This activity proofed to be excellent, as not only were the students engaged and immersed in the project, they also need to speak (narrate their movie), write (they needed to create a script), read (narrate their script) as well as listen (to their own voices being played back or when listening and watching other students movies) all in the target language being taught.  This really encompassed the four macro skills in learning another language. My students really enjoy using this app.

The app itself is very simple to use, however if you are unsure there are plenty of tutorials on youtube.

Whilst at bit pricier than other apps I have reviewed, at $4.99 it represents excellent value in terms of uses, versatility and creating engagement in the languages classroom.


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