About Me

After completing my Postgraduate Diploma in languages (Indonesian), I changed my teaching direction to become an Indonesian language teacher.  Previous to this I was teaching mainly ICT from Year 8 to Year 12.  Now, I am teaching a combination of both these subjects, concentrating on teaching Indonesia to Years 7 – 9, and ICT at senior level. I have had the opportunity to study at the Universitas Islam Negeri in Malang East Java, as well as being a recipient of the Endeavour Language Teachers Fellowship enabling me to further study Indonesian for 3 weeks in Denpasar, Bali.

Last year, the school where I work introduced iPads to all Year 7 classes, and this year we have become a 1:1 iPad school for all year 7 to 9.  It has been a challenging yet fun experience sourcing out appropriate apps, and how to use the apps to enhance my teaching and my student learning.

Each day, I hope to review a useful app that can be used in the languages classroom.  I hope you find the reviews useful.

Joyce Tabone

2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Karen Andrews Says:

    thank you for your amazing blog. I will be trying to use ipads in my Italian junior classes (R -3) this year and your blog has some great recommendations.
    I find your comments especially helpful! Grazie!
    Karen A

  2. Danielle Says:

    Kepada Joyce yang baik,
    thank you for your blog (found it via @joedale / #MFLTwitterati) – your reviews are very helpful. Would love to get in touch to share ideas & resources if you’re interested? I teach year 7 to 12 Indonesian in Western Australia.
    Danielle (@kukukukuku)

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