Balloon Stickies

image  Annotate an image with speech bubbles.  This is another free app that allows you to take an image with your camera or choose an existing image from your camera roll. Once you have selected an image you can then annotate using the pre-set speech bubbles.  Speech bubbles can be modified by changing the background colour, font size, font type, font colour, changing the direction of the bubble’s tail, adding shadow effects etc.

The finished product can be emailed or saved to your camera roll. If saved to your camera roll you can then use the image within other apps.

The app is simple for students to use, you only need to double tap to get speech bubbles, and then double tap the bubble to edit and add text.

There are a number of ways in how this app could be used in the languages classroom.  Students could

  • create revision cards
  • write about an image
  • use as a brainstorming activity
  • create a series of images and then use to record a story in an animation app such as 30Hands or create an ebook

The free version has advertisements, which I always find vaguely annoying, however given the simplicity of the app and the possible uses, this annoyance can be easily ignored.


2 Responses to “Balloon Stickies”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Another very helpful review – thank you! This reminded me of Comic Life – haven’t tried the app but use the Mac version a lot. The app isn’t free, but there are a couple of similar apps available free (eg comic maker HD and Comic Book FX – will try to find time over the holidays to have a play & will let you know if any are worth while! Have you tried any apps along these lines?

    • Joyce Says:

      Hi Danielle

      I really like ComicBook! app, very easy to use and my students have created some very professional looking comics. See my previous review. Also worth looking at is Strip Designer and Halftone, both of which I will review later. ComicBook! is $1.99 however I managed to get it for free as it had a price drop earlier this year. Strip Designer is $2.99 while Halftone is free. Thank you for your encouraging comments. It is really appreciated.

      Sent from my iPad

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