Pic Collage

image   Pic Collage is a free photo collage app that lets you create photo collages instantly and very easily from your iPad. It is a very useful app to use in the languages class as you can get your students to create collages with text on almost any topic. Recently I used this app with my Year 8 class on the topic on “Family”. Students took photos of themselves, family members and pets, rearranged the photos onto their Pic Collage and then added sentences. It is a useful tool that encourages writing. Students also enjoyed adding text effects and stickers. Once completed students saved their collage into their camera roll so the could upload into their Dropbox.

Usually, I do not print student work, but as their posters were personal as well as colourful, I did print out their work and gave the printouts to the class homeroom teacher. He promptly put the posters on display in his classroom, which had the effect of bringing the target language into the students’ homeroom.

The app is free and very easy to use, as well as adding images and text you can also change themes, add filters, cutouts, borders, text effects, and stickers.

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