image    Thinglink is a free app which allows users to add text and videos to an image.  Yesterday I trialled using this app in my Year 9 Indonesian classroom to great success.  I supplied students with a image on our current unit, “A visit to a village” and then asked students to label the image with as many words as they could.  Once completed, as a class we had a brainstorming session where students volunteered their words.  By the end of the activity students added more sentences and words to their Thinglink image, revised on words previously learnt, and with the prompts from me, added new words to their existing vocabulary. This link is a sample of a student’s work.

Thinglink is very easy to use, students select an image and then tap where they want to add text.  I would definitely consider using this app in my classroom again as it does encourage writing and  speaking.