image   Bookpress is a free app that allows you to create digital ebooks. There are preset templates you can use to create storybooks, cookbooks, picture books, etc. However, you can also use the blank template to create any kind of book. Bookemon, the creator, provides bCloud for storage of your books or you can store your books locally onto your iPad. eBooks can be shared and then viewed on an iPad, provided that the iPad has the app, or you can view the books online through a web browser.

I quite like this app as it is intuitive to use, making creating a book a very easy process. I created this eBook in less than 5 minutes.

Sample eBook

While, unlike Book Creator you are unable to record the story, this app does have the advantage that it is free.

Bookemon also provides edCenter, a free, private, secure environment for teachers and students to create, collaborate, and share their books. Email addresses are not required for student accounts.

This app could be valuable in the languages classroom as it gives students another avenue to

  • Produce digital stories
  • Encourages writing and reading
  • Used in collaborative project work
  • Used to create a class book on an excursion
  • Create a ‘how to’ book
  • Create a class book on any topic, for example my Year 8 class will soon be doing the unit on food, this app could be used to create a class recipe/cookery book

Book Creator

book_creator  Book Creator allows you to create narrated books on your iPad.  It allows anyone to create their own books using images, text, videos, and audio recordings. Each page in your book can include pictures and videos from your iPad’s camera roll. In addition to the pictures and videos you can include text.  You are not limited to the amount of text you can add, providing it can fit on one page. If you would like to narrate your book, all you need to do is tap the record button to add your voice to each page of your book.  You change change backgrounds, add front and back covers and create a very professional looking narrated book. Once you have created your book, you can open it in iBooks or send to Dropbox or another drop box type sharing app.  (At my school we use eLocker). Whilst a little pricey at $5.49 I just love this app.  My students find it very easy to use, when opening it for the first time; students knew intuitively what to do.