Be Funky

imageDon’t let the name of this app put you off as it does sound like we have re-entered the 1970s but Be Funky is a great little app that you can use for basic photo editing including modifying the brightness, contrast, cropping, vibrance, warming and cooling. Be Funky has a happy interface, and its no-fuss editing features make it very easy to use.

While this app is designed to be used on an iPhone and as such is an iPhone app, it works quite well on an iPad.

As well as basic edit functions you also can add effects and text to your images. You are able to preview your image using the different effects before electing to save via the thumbnail previews. Once edited to your liking images can be saved to various social networking options or saved into your camera roll.

The app is free, and what I appreciate is there are no irritating ads which usually accompany free apps. The app can be used by both teachers and students as it allows you

  • to create images with text which can then be used in other apps
  • to create flashcards both hard copy, or within an app such as Bitsboard
  • to create images which can be used in digital stories or posters
  • to create images which can be used on any topic

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