Best Sand Timer

image    While I have generally been reviewing apps that allow for student creativity, there are apps which can be used in the classroom just because its fun or puts a different spin on an activity. This is why I like using Best Sand Timer.


  • It allows students to know how much time they have left on an activity, for example you might say to students in the next two minutes write down as many words you can on a particular topic.
  • It can be used when playing class games or quizzes
  • Useful for project work


This digitised hourglass can be used to time anything for up to 60 minutes. You can customise your hourglass by changing the time, colour and set sounds to loop. If you set the alarm the sound starts to play when the time is finished. As an aside I quite like the kitch and nostalgic look of the hourglass as it reminds me of the one my mother used when I was little.


The downside is the free app does come with ads which I find irritating and distracting. However, if this doesn’t bother you then that isn’t a problem, but if you feel like me, you can upgrade for $0.99 to get the app ad free.


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