image  Videolicious is an app for combining multi media into one seamless movie presentation. Using on on screen prompts the app lets you add video, text and images into a project and then record and add narration. During each stage of production Videolicious allows you to preview your movies. On completion you are able to add filters and editing it is incredibly easy.

I created the following this movie in less than five minutes

Sample Video

Productions are saved to Videolicious cloud and you can share your productions via emailing the link or if your school allows via YouTube or Twitter.

One of the many benefits of teaching languages with iPads is the ability to have students express their learning in variety of creative ways. This app certainly allows for this as it  could be used

  • For digital storytelling
  • Create a documentary
  • To encourage speaking through the narration
  • To encourage writing, students need to create a script before recording their narration

Links could be uploaded to a class blog, wiki or edmodo space so other students can watch and listen and these can then be used as peer assessment.  Videolicious is a super easy-to-use video app, however there are some negatives, videos can only have up to 10 images and can only be 1 minute long. However, due to ease of use, you are given step by step instructions, and the fact that the app is free has won me over.


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