image Phonto is a very simple and minimalistic free app that basically and very easily allows you to add text to an image. Once you have added an image you then add an “item”, which could be a text or thought bubble, rectangle or star shape, or a multiple of these. Once you have your item you can add text. There are more than 200 fonts are available, and text size, colour and gradient can be changed. The text can be rotated and background colours can be changed and moved to your desired position.

There are ads on the app which is slightly annoying, however, for a small fee there is an in-app option  to remove the ads. However, that annoyance aside, because of ease of use, I would recommend this app in the languages classroom. Students are able to use Phonto to:

  •  Write about an image you supplied
  • Have an image to use as a discussion starter
  • Work in groups to develop sentences, scripts
  • Revise target words or grammar structures
  • Create posters on topic

Images can be saved to your camera roll, emailed, shared via various social networking tools or open in other apps.


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