Bill Atkinson’s Photocard

image Any app that encourages my students to speak and write, and then listen and read gets a 10 out of 10. If the app is easy to use, free and enables the finished product to be shared with minimum of fuss, then I know it is a winner.

With this app you can get your students to create virtual postcards that includes images, text and a voice message and once created, has the ability for students to send their finished product to others by email. It is a great way to inspire discussion, writing and speaking.

Classroom uses include:

Students can create a text and audio Photocard on any topic being studied
Photocards can be emailed to another student or group of students for them to read and listen, and then reply

This app is amazingly easy to use. You can select one of Bill Atkinson’s nature photographs or you can allow the app to access your photos on your camera roll. Once you have selected the image, you can edit, rotate or add a caption. Then you flip the card over where you can type in a message as well as dictate and record your message. For a fun touch, you can spice up your card with decorative stickers and stamps. Photocards can be emailed complete with image, text and audio message.


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