image Tourwrist is a virtual travel app that lets you visit places all over the world through 360 degree high quality photographs. Using the iPad’s gyroscope feature and augmented reality, you can take a walking tour of various points of interest anywhere in the world. As you turn to your left or right, or look up or down, you will see what the photographer saw and most amazingly you will actually feel like you are right in the picture.

What I really like about this app is that it provides an excellent opportunity to develop student’s intercultural understanding, as well as by using the authentic images it brings the target country and language alive. It would be wonderful if all our students were able to take a field trip to countries of the language they are learning, however, while we do provide this opportunity, unfortunately not every student is able to participate. However, by using Tourwrist it enables students to visit a country virtually and view areas of interest, architecture, historical artefacts, restaurants, etc.

Recently, I used Tourwrist in my classroom to visit an Indonesian market. We were doing a unit on buying, selling and bargaining for fruit and vegetables. Rather than just talk or explain about the intercultural difference of bargaining, and the importance of markets, we also could travel virtually to visit one.

It is hard to believe that this app is free. It is a truly amazing travel app that offers virtual tours of some very beautiful places. With the right tools and a registered account, you can even add your own tour.


One Response to “Tourwrist”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I am absolutely loving all of your app reviews! Thankyou so much for sharing! This one is another great and very useful app for the language classroom – even better that it is free!

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