Line Learner Lite

imageLine Learner Lite is an app that allows you to record a script and then, as the name suggests, learn your lines. Originally created to help actors to learn their lines, it is actually quite a useful app to use in the languages classroom. Some suggestions for use could be

  • Get students to write a script, then record their roles. Once they have recorded their lines, they can use the playback feature to rehearse and learn their role play before presenting
  • Students can use the app to prepare for oral assessment
  •  it provides another opportunity to assist students in speaking in the target language

The free version allows you to record up to 10 lines, and you are able to edit, re-record or delete a line if no longer needed. Another useful feature are the options for how the recordings can be played back, you can choose for the lines to be played back individually, or looped so that you can listen to the complete script. You also have the option to choose the auto pause function which leaves a gap of time between each line to enable the user time to repeat the line.

There is a full version also available, which allows you unlimited lines, however this is quite pricey at a cost of $4.99, and I find that the lite version has ample functionality for what I and my students require.


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