image I must admit I have yet to use this app in my classroom, however I can see that it has great potential in getting my students to speak in the target language.

Fotobabble is a free iphone app, that nevertheless works quite well on your ipad. It allows you to turn a picture into an audio picture story. Using Fotoabble is easy, as all you need to do is follow the onscreen prompts. Firstly, you need to upload an image into your Fotobabble. This is quite simple if you allow Fotobabble to access your camera roll. Once you have chosen an image all you need to do is press record to start recording your voice. If you are not happy with your recording, it has the function to re-record.

Some ways you can use it in your languages classroom:

  • You can get your students to comment on the photo
  • explain what’s happening in the image photo, or
  • tell a story related to an image.

This app allows students to quickly create short audio stories about pictures that either they take or images that you supply. As I said earlier I have yet to use this app, but am very keen to trial it with one of my classes. It is certainly worth considering using this free app.


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