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image Recently I used Explain Everything to almost do a flipped classroom. A bit of background information before I begin extolling the virtues of Explain Everything. I was absent from school due to illness for 3 days and was running out of ideas and work to leave students. So rather than make up more busy work, I thought I would try using an app to record a tutorial. To do this I used Explain Everything. I was able to take photos of text I wanted to introduce to students, and then place those photos into the app. Once I did that I could then explain the text using the audio record function. For this lesson, this included introducing a new grammar construct, (Indonesian ter prefix used as a superlative) as well as explain new words and their meanings. Using the pencil tool, I was able to highlight words as I was speaking. Once completed, I was able to import my Explain Everything file as a mp4. The movie went for 11 minutes. I placed the video in the school’s shared dropbox system for easy access.

During the lesson, students were able to access the file and save onto their personal device, listen to the tutorial and then complete activities associated with the tutorial.

Sometimes it is inevitable that we need to take days off work, however it is often easier to go to school, even though you are not feeling well, because of the need to leave students work. More often than not the work I leave is busy work as it is difficult to leave language activities. With Explain Everything I felt that I was able to leave my students real work, where they actually used the class time for real learning.

After the lesson, I spoke to the teacher, who was a non language teacher, who took this class and she confirmed that all students worked well and were on task. I also spoke to the students in how they felt using an Explain Everything tutorial and their responses were very positive. So I have no hesitation in leaving an almost flipped lesson next time I need to take time off work.

Explain Everything is a very easy app to use, as well as adding images and audio you can also add video. Explain Everything is essentially an app with a whiteboard type screen that allows users to record audio, write, and move objects all while recording in real time. It allows users to annotate any object with the touch of their finger. It makes it easy for you to capture your screens and share it with virtually anyone. For a cost of $2.99 it is a must app for the classroom.


One Response to “Explain Everthing”

  1. Jenny Lilley Says:

    Thanks Joyce, very helpful and clear information on using the app.

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