Tiny Tap

TinyTap Tiny Tap is a free app that allows you to create interactive “books” using photos from your camera roll, or images from the web and voice recordings.  It is an easy and fun way to teach students target words as you can create personalised books to teach students about almost any topic.

Creating stories with the app is quite easy and straightforward. You start by adding photos or images to your story. Once completed you then are asked to record your question.  So, for example, if you are teaching students “family vocabulary”  a question you might ask is “Where is the grandmother?”  Of course you would record that in your target language.  After you have recorded your question, you simply trace the part of the photo or image, and this creates the answer. You can then record responses for correct and incorrect answers. 0

After you have created your story, you can then upload it to the Tiny Tap “market”.  Students can then search “the market” and upload to their account.


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